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Tara12 and her Pet, Cherry.

Tara12 is a Trichian, a human-like species that lives on a planet known as "Tricha2000". (She was created by Tara-chan [and is my Kirby persona, I might add]).


Tara12 is a young adult, who's hobbie and major is in art. Her dominate skill in art is sketching and inking. While she is content with just drawing, Tara12 wants to expand her knowledge of the many different methods, types, and styles of art. So she often travels in and outside her planet, studying and learning as much as she can.

As an artist, she usually carries a bag which holds all her artists supplies (Which includes pencils, pens, markers, erasers, a sketchbook, etc).


She is dedicated to her work as an artist and doesn't like being bothered when sketching or painting.

Most of the time she is cheerful, optimistic, and tries to stay calm during sticky situations. She loves to explore all kinds of new places.

However, she can be a bit stubborn, skeptical, and a bit exciteable.


She always carries a specific sketchbook, inside she sketchs symbols for different powers/abilites (Such as Fire, Freeze, Fighting, Etc.). When she places her hand over a specific symbol, she gains the means to use that ability. However her the abilites are weaker than they should be. It will probably take a lot of practice and training before Tara12 will be able to take this power to it's full advantage.



She has a younger brother, Trey24. A Mother and Father, although her father is currently missing.


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Cherry, a male dog-type Fluzzle.

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