Rules are vital to KFS and must be treated as such.


1. You have to respect the admins and the members of this wikia.

2. Recolored/Traced pictures are NOT allowed in this wikia.

3. If you make an article for your FC, it requires that you must post a picture of the character (whether it is yours or a gift, as long it is not a recolor or a trace). If you do not have a drawing, you have a week's time to make one.


5. This rule is about coupling with canon characters. If you have a FC that has an offical character as a couple, that will be allowed, as long as that character isn't depicted as instantly falling in love with the official character. Another thing is that flaming another's fan chara for falling in love with the official character because the flamer's FC loves the same one is not allowed. (Ex. YOUR CHARA CAN'T HAVE [insert canon character here], [insert canon character here] BELONGS TO MY FC! BACK OFF!)

6. If you post a fan character, fan made area, or fanfiction, you must post a reference link to said fan media.

7. No taking of other people's work. We will know.

8. Fanfictions may go as long as the user wants it to go. Cursing (words like Damn and Hell can be used to a certain extent) and such romanctic displays (such as kissing or making out) is allowed. No excessive use of the strong words (like the F word) and graphic scenes (such as descrptive killings or sex scenes.). A picture or logo of the fanfiction is optional too.

Follow the RulesEdit

As long as you adhere to these rules, you'll be a-ok.