Overpowered Characters are a common and unfortunate sight in fan media. It is also shunned here in KFS.

About Overpowered CharactersEdit

What does Overpowered characters mean or what does it refer to? Well, the term is self-explanatory. I.E. a character who is too powerful to the point of it being ridiculous and redundant. Like a Mary Sue, they can also have little to no weaknesses at all.

In fan media, there are three elements that overpowered characters mostly associate with.




You'll most likely find an overpowered character withing those three elements than anywhere else.

Traits and Examples of Overpowered CharactersEdit

An overpowered character can have any of the following traits:

-Super enhanced strength and speed by doing nothing

-Being immortal without being linked to all-powerful figures. (Gods can be an example)

-Having IQ bigger than God

-Can master newly aquired powers with ease

-Can kill any enemy within a large radius by doing something as simple as snapping a finger

-Able to punch or kick a being to high altitude with giving no effort

-Can slow or speed up time or time travel with ease or without the use of a time machine

-Can bend the laws of physics to their liking

Of course, no example would be complete without some example characters. (NOTE: These characters are not anyone's characters)

Overpowered Character #1

Roland Tyler Species: Kirby Age: 10 Abilities: Can make world shattering earthquakes by stomping on the ground, can inhale stronger and faster than Kirby or even a hurricane

Overpowered Character #2

Lissa Alexandria Species: Cappy Age: 16 Abilities: Can mute a whole village by snapping her fingers, Immortality by aquiring a jewel, Can turn to super saiyan-like levels without breaking a sweat, have more intelligence than everyone in the universe

Overpowered Characters and Mary SuesEdit

Mary Sues and Overpowered characters both share similar qualities. Each are superior in their own ways, they can have no weaknesses, and mostly, they are overdone and cliche.

If you have an Overpowered CharacterEdit

If you have an overpowered character in our wiki, we will notify you that you have one and you have a week's time to change your character. If you do not change them, the article will be deleted.