Janet RQ by Pink Kirby

Janet Caden: She's older than she looks here.

Janet Caden is the aunt of Knuckle Joe and Amy in Arrol's fanfiction, Misadventures.


Janet was born along with Knuckle Joe's dad (or Jecra), and was his older sister. In her preteen days, she had a knack for fighting and loved to get into fights and win, but she was pressured by her parents to act more ladylike. Janet often disagreed.

In her 20s, she was into the punk fashion, wearing rock/punk clothing and having frizzled dyed green hair. She had a smoking habit as well. Among her habits, she still was good to her close friend, Annabel.

Joe's mother Rose and Janet never got along.

Later, after leaving a bad relationship, Janet was convinced to be a contestant for a martial arts tournament near her town. She won many tournaments and was reigned as "Female Fighter of the year" twice.

Then one day, on a Final tournament match, Janet faced off against a powerful competitor. Janet was being beaten to blood and was about to lose, but she took a risky move. She hopped off her opponent and grapped her feet on her opponent's neck, trying to slam her down. Instead, by accident, she had snapped her opponent's neck in the process, killing her. Janet was later arrested and sent to 5 years in prison before getting parole.

After and during her time in prison, Janet reflected on her actions and decided to act more like a lady. She left her old neighborhood and moved to Tropic Peak, where Annabel also resided as mayor.

At some point, Janet got custody over Knuckle Joe and Amy during their mother's passing.


Janet wears a blue shirt and brown pants adorned with a crimson belt. She also wears red shoes. Her hair is wrapped in a long ponytail.


Like Joe, Janet can be joking and a bit witty. But mostly she is responsible. She became more ladylike as she got older, then later developed parenting skills when she took care of her nephew and niece. She works as Mayor Annabel's aid in Tropic Peak.

Even though she doesn't fight anymore, she still retain her skills and knowledge she held when she was younger.