Can you do something that won't make me bored?

"Like what?"

"Can we go to the candy shop?"

-Amy to Knuckle Joe, Misadventures

Bio Amy by SkullArrol

Amy Caden

Amy Caden is the cheeful and joking baby sister of Knucle Joe.


Amy was born after Knuckle Joe and when their father left to war. In her infant life, she was always moving. After the death of her and Joe's parents, they were sent to their aunt Janet's home, where Janet took care of them as a legal guardian. Initially, Amy was very shy, antisocial and rarely left her new home and if she did leave, she stood near the house. One day, she left outside to try to speak to one of Joe's friends, Adeleine. The two conversed and soon became friends.

Amy developed a sense of humor and playfulness during her visits with Adeleine.

Then one day, Amy and Janet went to the store. Amy slipped on a wet floor and into a barrel of sugar. Amy ate all of the sugar and went into a beserk state of hyperactivity, way too abnormal for a young girl. Soon she was dignosed with a rare disorder in which she can only eat a maximium of a cup of sugar a day.

Currently, Amy still lives with Janet and Joe.


Amy is 6 years old. She has purple-pink hair and wears a pink dress with green pants and shoes.


Amy, used to be quiet and alone. During her visits with Adeleine, she got more happier and social. As she got older, she started to become more carefree. Amy is clumsy, mostly breaking stuff. Even though she can't eat a lot of it, she has a huge obsession over candy. In times, she focuses only on candy whenever she is in trouble or danger. She has a reputation in Tropic Peak for being "wild, and destructive", as she often recked stuff during her hyperactivity.

She loves her big brother and auntie, and is known to eavesdrop on them.